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  1. Twitter Speak From @ to Z – Terms & Definitions

    There are a few different OAuth authorization styles your developer can use for your app including REST API, Search API, and Streaming API. As you can see, Search Engine Watch's logo shows up, rather than my photo (the top tweet is the retweet, the...

  2. Driving Consumer Insights With Mobile Analytics

    All you have to do from there is take the SDK code and plop it into your app when your developer starts making the rest of the code. That's because you basically have to pre-define the events you want to track, which is not always easy ‐ you're...

  3. Chic Engine Helps You Find That Dress You Saw on Pinterest

    Adrian Rosebrock, from Catonsville, Maryland, has put into action insights from his day job as a developer at the National Cancer Institute unit to make a visual search engine. Making things even easier, Chic Engine has an iPhone app which has...

  4. Google OS Arrives, In the Form of a Browser

    Combined with Google Gears coming at Web applications from the developer side, and there's not much use for a desktop operating system any more. It also offers better memory allocation, and an architecture that keeps apps running in separate...

  5. Is Google App Engine HuddleChat a Campfire Rip-Off?

    Of all the App Engine apps in all the developer joints in all the Google universe, Google walks into a land mine: HuddleChat. The success of Google App Engine depends on developer trust in Google. So it would seem either Salar Kamangar, Vice...

  6. Daily SearchCast, Jan. 13, 2006: Barry Diller Keynoting SES NY; MSN Ramps Up Ads; Google Local's Blue Balloon Ads Pins; Promo Or Ad On Google Homepage?; Business Partnering With Yahoo; Browser Fight

    Yahoo VP In Charge of Yahoo Developer Network Leaves Company for Startup More on Google Local App for the Blackberry, Expect Google Talk for Blackberry by Spring Today's search podcast covers IAC chief Barry Diller keynoting Search Engine

  7. Google Desktop Search 2 Offers New Sidebar Widgets, Outlook Integration & More

    Kind of killing two birds with one stone for the Google developer. Of course, one wonders if the typical user knows about or uses a desktop search app in the first place? Quick View: Provides access to frequently used web pages and files.