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  1. Amazon's 4 Pillars of Success: A Preview of Jeffrey Eisenberg's Pubcon SFIMA Keynote

    It now captures about 30 percent of every e-commerce dollar in the U.S.and in many other markets as well), and it is also a successful B2B vendor, hardware developer and publisher. The company did not start out knowing substantially more than most...

  2. How to Hire (and Keep) Digital Marketing Talent in 2014

    Before we hire a software developer we sit them in front of a computer and require them to write code. However, I believe we'll start to see that gap close over the next 3-5 years as the SEO tasks that used to require a specialist get filled by web...

  3. Twitter Speak From @ to Z – Terms & Definitions

    There are a few different OAuth authorization styles your developer can use for your app including REST API, Search API, and Streaming API. TweetDeck is an application that you can download and use either on your desktop or on the web.

  4. Website Launch Checklist: 25 Things to Test Before Your Site Goes Live

    There are some important technical items that a web developer is best suited for when it’s time to go live. For the Web Developer Web designers know what the original design intent is, and they have an eye for the visual details.

  5. Attention Digital Marketing Director: Read This for Your Social Media Success

    This includes your graphic designer, developer, PR person, publicist, online media manager, web analytics person, social media manager, subject matter experts and bloggers. You're given the keys with strong expectations that social will just work...

  6. Responsive Now! The Rise of Front-End Frameworks & Potential Pitfalls to Consider

    But, most of all, remember, consult your developer and/or development team before assuming a framework can work for you or your business. Google's announcement that responsive web design is its preferred method for mobile delivery, coupled with its...

  7. Driving Consumer Insights With Mobile Analytics

    All you have to do from there is take the SDK code and plop it into your app when your developer starts making the rest of the code. That's because you basically have to pre-define the events you want to track, which is not always easy ‐ you're...