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  1. Google Catalogs Annotations: How to Enrich the Consumer Experience & Track Results

    Of course each catalog should contain web snippets leading to the social media pages of the publisher. Using web snippets on the catalog pages to invite consumers to look at additional content on a publisher’s blog is one way to further interest to...

  2. Google Catalogs Design Tips: How to Best Showcase Your Products

    Blank pages will have to be removed from the print catalog file. The print catalog file, which is ordered in printer spreads, will have to be re-ordered in reader spreads. But tablet consumers engage with the Google Catalogs application in a...

  3. Social Retail: Finding, Engaging & Cultivating Today’s Connected Consumer

    No longer is a consumer finding the next styles or products they want in a catalog that ends up in their mailbox. With consumers expecting to be able to get feedback, deals, and reviews while standing in a retail environment, brands must be ready...

  4. How to Use QR Codes for Better Conversion Rates

    When" opportunities: In-store shopping, catalog shopping, clothing trial in fitting room, reviewing a food menu Barcode content: Direct link to Facebook "Like" a specific product web page of consumers are more likely to buy with a positive...

  5. Death of newspapers or new era of online journalism?

    To paraphrase Stewart Brand, the founder of the Whole Earth Catalog and cofounder of The Well, The Christian Science Monitor is now just bits flying around rather than atoms, but it remains a steady and reliable source of information about the world.

  6. Does Google Weight Algorithm In Their Own Favor?

    A search for catalog and catalogue and low and behold Google catalogs tops the list. Interestingly, a search for videos places Google Video above YouTube which they also own and is one of the most popular sites on the web.