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Web Cache

  1. Dealing With Onsite Duplicate Content Issues

    It conducts a Google cache check, 404 check, and www versus non-www check by checking the headers returned by both versions of the URL, PR dispersion, and supplemental pages in the Google index. The canonical tag is found in the header of a Web...

  2. 5 New Website Vulnerabilities Straight from Black Hat & DEF CON

    Not to get too technical, the RDI ("Reflected DOM Injection") in this case uses a set up website to host encrypted content, and a web utility which is provided by a well known website such as Yahoo Cache or in this case, Google Translate.

  3. SEO Salvage Operation: Saving Websites Hurt by Google Updates

    Tools and reports that flag links for triggers like Toolbar PR, Links on a page or determining that a domain is not indexed, when a manual cache check would show that it is. With links making the World Wide Web go round, most people are neck deep...

  4. Google, Microsoft Pitch HTTP Overhaul Options for Speedier Web

    Users care about privacy and security more than whether some guy can cache something in the middle," Belshe said. With all the devices on the Web, it makes things complicated to have a uniform system.

  5. Bing Social Recommends Twitterers; Paid Search Roundup; Google Transparency Report & More Search News

    Everything You Should Know About Google Cache - BlueGlass Here's a roundup of this morning's other top search headlines and tips from around the Web, sorted by category. Based on a search query, the feature is designed to also return "recommended...