SEO News

Web Browsing Number 29

  1. Google Toolbar Adds Keyword Browsing to Internet Explorer

    The premise was simple -- offer an alternative to the increasingly confusing domain name system that would make it easy for web users to find popular web sites without having to type complex URLs. It's a dynamic service that changes when the web...

  2. Search Engines And Legal Issues

    Describes new research and web pages from Harvard's Ben Edelman that explain how Gator targets web sites with contextual ads. Google Filtering Of French & German Web Sites Revealed The Search Engine Report, Nov.

  3. Special Search Tools Issue, Part 1

    Taxonomy of Web Search Forms This analysis proposes a taxonomy of search forms for web sites. Current projects include a natural-language question answering system, a personal information manager...

  4. The Search Engine Update, May 16, 2001, Number 101

    We tested extensively, and everyone came back with, 'I understand that these are not web results, these are people that you are featuring, so these are links you are making money on. Page Clustering has been altered so that you may see up to two...