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  1. A 5-Step Action Plan for Influencer Marketing & 9 Expert Tips to Get You Started

    Influencer marketing isn't direct mail 2.0. To be influential on the social web means you produce and share content that gets people excited about specific things. The leading brands and agencies have understood influence isn't about megaphones and...

  2. The New Inbox: The Intersection of Email, Mobile & Social Marketing

    According to TailoredMail, women click 10 percent more often on mobile mail. Just about anything that you do on the web today requires an email address. Fleck then went on to show an example of how they looked at some data for one of their clients...

  3. Landing Page Optimization: How to Identify Testing Opportunities

    You can see this in direct mail, product catalogs, store coupons, etc.just like you can with email marketing, content marketing, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, and so on. Show them you can start with 50% or maybe even 25 percent of your overall...

  4. Social Media ROI: 14 Formulas to Measure Social Media Benefits

    GOAL: Grow Awareness, Reduce Ad Costs social influencers X _____(#) average social network reach X _____(#) notable online brand mentions X $_____ paid spokesman or special guest costs (, TV, or direct mail endorsements) / _____(#) ad...

  5. Google Won't Erase Links to Max Mosley Hooker Orgy Stories, So He Sues

    You have these newspapers, the Daily Mail is a good example. They say we're not obliged to police the web and we don't want to police the web, so we have brought proceedings against them in France and Germany where the jurisprudence is favourable.

  6. Google Forced to Release WikiLeaks Volunteer's Gmail Info

    Google and Microsoft are both members of a coalition fighting for reform, as this law allows law enforcement easier access to emails than postal mail. It dates back to 1986, three years before the World Wide Web was born.

  7. How to Make Sure Check-Ins Don’t Check Out: Five Location-Based Marketing Tips

    Survey your customers through your existing social networks or as part of your traditional direct mail outreach via mail. In many cases, a link from the web page will let you claim ownership of a place.