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  1. Public relations industry should go to Search Engine Strategies

    The morning keynote speaker is Jim Sterne, Chairman, Web Analytics Assn Paul Madden, Owner, Crea8 New Media; Pierre Far, PhD, SEO and Web Analytics Specialist,; and Tracy Falke, Social Media Specialist, Freestyle Interactive.

  2. CMS Watch says Google Analytics and Omniture are “over-hyped”

    Jim Sterne, Target Marketing & Chairman, Web Analytics Association It was releasing the 2008 edition of its Web Analytics Report, which evaluates 15 major Web Analytics suppliers based on vendor research, interviews with customers across a range of...

  3. Interview with Unica's Rand Schulman

    To put in place Rand's role in this industry, consider the following quote from Jim Sterne: Just over a week ago I sat down with Rand Schulman and spoke at length about the web analytics industry, and some of the recent events there.

  4. Podcast with Jim Sterne

    Jim Sterne is one of the most well known names in the world of analytics, and recently I sat down with him and did a Podcast. In this Podcast, Jim talks about the basics of analytics, and provides a great overview of how you can use web analytics...