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  1. Google Launches Knowledge Graph, 'First Step in Next Generation Search'

    As an aside, Google’s concept with this feature isn’t entirely new; smaller search engine DuckDuckGo has been toying with segmented results and suggestions based on contextual meaning for some time. Links to different sets of results based on...

  2. Search Engine Users Dislike Personalized Search But Like the Results

    Contextual signals might also include search history stored in cookies for up to 180 days, according to a Google blog post on personalization. Google, for example, has been using contextual signals to offer up more relevant results since 2005.

  3. PPC Content Advertising: The Latest Tips and Best Practices

    Since then, great progress has been made in the capabilities of the search engines' offerings, and in my understanding of best practices in contextual advertising. Keyword-targeted: "Google, please place my ad on web site pages anywhere in your...

  4. SearchDay | High-Value Link Building is Hard Work

    It’s a big challenge for contextual and behavioural . The article provides an opinion that the future web will be more monetized and the semantic technologies will cover all kind of web services including ad networking.

  5. Google Mobile Advertising on the Content Network

    Go back and read my previous columns on contextual advertising best practices and how to create compelling non-text ads. This campaign also won't require mobile Web site design, because clicks on the ad will be directed to a Google-supplied mobile...

  6. SEM Brand Reputation Management

    In the modern age of communication, bloggers and news sites are rewarded with contextual search ad revenue. Of course, the piece also has Google contextual ads running alongside the editorial. The number one Google result for Toys "R" Us China toys...

  7. Going to SES Chicago for the first time

    Clinics Track am-10:00am: Contextual Ads & Ad Sense Clinic am-11:15am: Landing Page Optimization Clinic am-12:30pm: Site Clinic Well, I guess I'll tackle that in today's post. It was formed as a way for anyone interested in marketing their...