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Web 1 Meta Search Engine Happy Birthday

  1. How Inktomi Works

    Happy Birthday, Inktomi! A ranking boost is also given to pages that contain the search terms in their meta tags, either the meta keywords tag, the meta description tag, or both. Use of irrelevant keywords in meta tags.

  2. The Search Engine Update, Sept. 16, 2002, Number 133

    Happy Birthday, Google! However, the times may be changing, as MetaCrawler becomes the first major meta search engine to include Google's results. By the way, Chris Sherman has a series of articles this week taking a close look at the latest in...

  3. The Search Engine Update, December 18, 2001, Number 115

    AltaVista, by the way, just celebrated its sixth birthday. There's a meta tag generator, a "Page Primer" analysis tool that offers basic advice for changes that may help with crawler-based search engines, a submission tool to send your URLs to many...