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  1. DoubleClick Adds Optimization, Reporting Tools to Search Commerce Suite

    DoubleClick revealed the new features in a blog post. DoubleClick says native integration with Google Merchant Center means DoubleClick will monitor advertisers' feeds and automatically subdivide existing product groups by product ID, based on the...

  2. Secure Search, Rank & Finding Lost Keyword Traffic: A Conversation with gShift

    Is it a video, your Facebook page, a press release or your latest blog post that's ranking? Adams pointed me to a post on gShift's blog where they talk more about this, and stated that while Hummingbird is the future of search, and centered on...

  3. Evolving Your SEO: Moving Toward a Content Marketing Approach

    Take each of your keywords and turn them into the title of an article, video, or blog post that people might care about. Review and prioritize your keywords and map each keyword to a content type, distribution channel (Facebook post, blog post...

  4. SearchDay | Performance Management for SEO Teams

    News from the Search Engine Watch Blog Google highlighted some of the uses on the Analytics blog: Android application to check Analytics from a phone Desktop application Email integration PowerPoint integration Mashup of .

  5. News Blogs Are Becoming the New Online Newspapers

    Newsknife found 150 blog sites at Google News during March. It includes blog post optimization. What does this mean to readers of this Search Engine Marketing News Blog, which is also one of the more than 4,500 English-language news sources...

  6. Live Search Adds Fourth Mainline Ad Position in the UK

    Writing on the adCenter blog, Tina Kelleher says, "After listening to your feedback around wanting to generate more clicks for your PPC campaigns on adCenter, we've made some enhancements that will not only provide extra ad visibility to help...

  7. Google Maps Adds Features to Local Business Ads

    Writing on the Inside AdWords blog, Amanda Kelly said, "Often, Maps users are looking for different information than Search users. We'll post again on this blog when the new changes to the reporting capabilities take effect.