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  1. Richard Trevithick Inventor Of Steam Locomotive Gets Google Doodle

    Exhaust steam was vented via a vertical pipe or chimney straight into the atmosphere, thus avoiding a condenser and any possible infringements of Watt's patent. Richard Trevithick, British inventor of the first functioning steam locomotive...

  2. Search Engine Promises to Reduce Carbon Footprint

    As of this post, Blackle claims to have saved the earth 567,579.120 Watt hours. If you want to “go green” while conducting your searches, then a new search engine is right up your alley. Echocho promises to grow up to 2 trees for every 1000 searches.

  3. Overture To Buy FAST Web Search Division

    Watt, the literary agent responsible for Wodehouse's estate, had threatened legal action against Ask Jeeves. Ask Jeeves, an online question answering service that has gradually morphed into a search engine, officially launched its site six years ago.

  4. Make a Shorter Link

    A nod of thanks to both Ian Watt for the heads-up and to the folks at the Useful Information Company for this terrific service. SearchDay reader Ian Watt alerted me to a free service that solves the messy, ugly, long URL problem, in a basic yet...