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  1. CodeGuard Review: Free Cloud Site Backup

    I have had many sites over the years that through some error on my part or through hacking that did not look right or function. If you have ever had your site hacked or mistakenly overwritten pages with bad code, CodeGuard may be just what you are...

  2. Don't Believe Everything You Read

    I've yet to see an automated report handed to me that didn't have at least one fundamental error based on misunderstanding site content. Frank Watson Fires Back One can argue that a particular keyword density tactic still works for them, but I can...

  3. Selling SEO During an Economic Downturn

    Fresh content and links, and continuous monitoring of site structure, information architecture, and things like 404 error code best practices are paramount to reaching organic visibility and traffic goals.

  4. SearchDay | Measuring a Text Ad's Effectiveness

    Google's New Tools for Site Link Strengthening SEM CROSSFIRE Google recently turned its focus on helping webmasters to address 404 error pages, which don't pass link authority and negatively impact the user experience.

  5. SearchDay | Obama is Winning the Internet War

    Error Pages 2. Google Webmaster Tools Adds Hack Alert For CMS Programs Posted by Frank Watson Oct 16, 2008 Google will be alerting sites to possible hacks of their CMS programs the Google Webmaster Central blog announced today.

  6. Common Problems with 404 Error Pages

    It may surprise you to learn that the way a Web site handles 404 error pages can affect search engine rankings. Although some would argue how much negative weighting is placed on sites with inconsistent or custom 404 error pages.

  7. SEW Experts: Common Problems with 404 Error Pages

    In today's Search Marketing Crossfire column, "Common Problems with 404 Error Pages," Chris Boggs and Frank Watson outline some best practices for creating custom 404 pages. Misconfigured 404 error pages can affect your search engine rankings.

  8. SEO Is Not a One-Time Fix

    Sadly, yet realistically, some people have to learn by trial and error. Frank Watson Fires Back We're most of the way through a process of optimizing pages for a large Web site with multiple lines of business.

  9. Google Sitelinks - The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

    This is Google's fault because the crawler should always check that pages linked to from sitelinks aren't returning a 404 or other error code. Frank Watson Fires Back My criteria for a good rating is that the links are all going to live pages and...

  10. SEO Confessions of an Online Reputation Management Junkie

    Anyone who knows you would realize the error, but some may think, "Wow" and compliment you at the next search conference on the fight against obesity! Frank Watson Fires Back The inbound links can come from branded sites, but this likely won't be...