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  1. Twitter is Blocked in Turkey, Google’s Public DNS Helps Users Regain Access

    However, many people believe the heart of the Twitter ban issue is over politically motivated leaks that targeted the Prime Minister and his political party that cast them in a very negative light, reported the Washington Post.

  2. Guerrilla Marketing for a Job at Google: The Resume Your Resume Could Look Like

    There are a few key factors that undoubtedly helped this go viral and propelled Epstein to an internet sensation overnight, attracting the attention of the Washington Post and San Francisco Chronicle (among other mainstream media):

  3. Online Reputation Management Case Studies: BP Oil Spill, Toyota Recall, and Goldman Sachs Fraud Charges

    Its Washington office is run by Democratic strategist Hilary Rosen. In the post, I asked, "Is your company prepared for the inevitable crisis to come? As Dana Bash of CNN has reported, "For new ad campaign, BP looks outside Madison Avenue.

  4. Super Bowl 2010 commercials featured (again) on YouTube AdBlitz

    Zamost was in Washington, D.C.which knows all about partisan controversy. A bipartisan pitch from Washington, D.C. Oh, and smart marketers will also use YouTube after the Super Bowl to enable fans of their commercials to post text comments, upload...