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  1. PR for SEO: Advanced Social Media Tips to Engage With Media Influencers

    Or similarly, for "friends of friends who work at the Wall Street Journal" resulted in: However, the good news is that you don't need to be a high-powered PR executive to build these lists. It's one of the most valuable online marketing strategies...

  2. What Percentage of Brands Actually Use Google+ Authorship? [Analysis]

    Wall Street Journal News Publications: 20% Actively Use Google+ How do the the top 50 websites fair? Yahoo News Within the search industry we are all aware that Google are heavily promoting Google+ and the usage of Google authorship.

  3. PR & SEOs Listen Up! HitTail is Back to Make You Panda Proof

    SEO companies aim to get their client on the front page of Google and Bing, whilst PR companies aim to get their client on the front page of the Wall Street Journal. Relaunched exactly a year ago, via a quick post on Hacker News, Walling's new...

  4. Search News & Headlines Around the Web - April 6, 2011

    Google to Revamp YouTube With 'Channels' - Wall Street Journal Microsoft rival to Google Street View set for German launch - Deutsche Welle Search Industry News Here's a roundup of today's other search news and headlines from around the web, sorted...