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Wall Street Journal Ceo Jerry Yang

  1. Microsoft's Yahoo Bid May Have the Right Stuff

    Andreessen has been suggested for the position by a number of stockholders, but had been hesitant possibly because of his close friendship with Jerry Yang - current CEO and co-founder of Yahoo, the Wall Street Journal reported.

  2. Report: Carol Bartz Accepted Yahoo Offer to Become CEO

    She currently serves on the boards of Cisco (with Jerry Yang) and Intel (with Sue Decker). The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Carol Bartz has accepted Yahoo's offer to become their next CEO. She formerly was CEO of Autodesk and was an...

  3. Is Yahoo on the Verge of Naming Yang's Replacement?

    CEO Jerry Yang and on the Intel board with current Yahoo! Last November, Jerry Yang announced that he would be stepping down from his role as CEO. Yang Says Microsoft Deal is Best Bet for Yahoo The Wall Street Journal today is reporting that a new...

  4. Peace In Our Time: Icahn Gets Yahoo Board Offer

    Seems Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang has made an end move to stop the bickering between the usurpers and his current slate of board members. Very clever Jerry. They have offered Carl Icahn a spot on the new board along with another of his proposed new slate...

  5. SearchDay: What's on your Mind?

    Yahoo's Yang Rips Microsoft and Icahn Posted by Kevin Heisler Jul 9, 2008 CEO Jerry Yang accused Microsoft of trying to destabilize Yahoo without intending to complete a deal, according to the Wall St.

  6. Yahoo Execs Bad Mouthing AOL!

    The Wall Street Journal blog, All Things D, just posted an entry by Kara Swisher, that details the grumblings of some top Yahoo managers overheard at a luncheon CEO Jerry Yang was having with his SVPs and others.