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Vote Bostock

  1. Will Yahoo Be Counting Hanging Chads?

    The way the votes stand now, it would appear that if CR&M's votes were counted - and they withheld them, they were among the only to vote against Bostock and Yang, which seems a bit odd given the current climate

  2. Yahoo and Carl Icahn Agree to Settlement

    Roy Bostock Chairman Roy Bostock. He will vote his shares for the current board at the August 1 shareholders meeting. Here's the details. Yahoo's board will expand to 11 members, but only 8 of the current board will stay on.

  3. Vote WHITE: Yahoo's Bastille Day Response to Carl Icahn

    Roy Bostock We are prepared to let you, our stockholders, not Microsoft and Carl Icahn, decide what is in your best interests and we look forward to the upcoming vote. We strongly urge you to vote your WHITE Proxy Card today for your current Board...

  4. Yahoo! AMP! plus Full Text: Yahoo Proxy Statement

    Roy Bostock Jerry Yang The vote you will cast for directors at Yahoo! We ask you to vote for your highly qualified and dedicated directors today. s August 1, 2008 annual meeting is the most important for stockholders in...