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  1. Google Warns Secretive Government Group Could Kill Open Web

    Only governments have a voice at the ITU," the company said. The comments were posted to Google's new Take Action portal, as part of its #freeandopen campaign. Google has slammed an upcoming meeting of the International Telecommunications Union...

  2. Yahoo to Launch New, Comprehensive Mobile Portal

    oneSearch with Voice - Allowing users to launch searches by simply speaking. will launch a new mobile experience called, wait for it, Yahoo! Mobile. It will be available via mobile web and downloadable mobile applications for the iPhone as well as...

  3. Vote Obama/Google in '08?

    On one hand, Google needs a bigger voice in politics if they're going to convince legislating bodies that they in no way have a monopoly and the world would be better off if everything could be Google-centric.

  4. Does Site Search Matter For The Mags?

    They bring an edited voice and point of view. Overall, it's safe to assume these publishers want to be online destinations rather than vertical portal plays. We decided to check out these sites further, and share our notes about what gets produced...