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Voice Command

  1. Will Local Make up 70% of Mobile Ad Spending?

    To elaborate on that definition and – more importantly – the reasons why local will command such a large share of overall mobile ad spending, the sources of that spending need to be identified. This includes native device capabilities like the...

  2. Universal Search: The (War) Elephant in the Room

    And we're armed only with technical know-how and command of a QWERTY keyboard. The real value that agencies bring to their clients is how they mix all of these elements together in concert, providing maximum exposure and share of voice in the SERPs.

  3. The SEO Copywriter: Wordsmithing the Web

    Combining both technological know-how and a strong command of the written word, the agency SEO copywriter must be prepared to write on any topic at a moment's notice. Such copywriters must be able to find a voice in any topic and yet still employ...

  4. Interoperability: Yahoo Instant Messenger and Microsoft Messenger Will Be Able to Talk to One Another

    A combined Yahoo and Microsoft could command 44% of the global instant-messaging market, according to Radicati. In a competitive realignment of the heated Internet industry, Microsoft Corp.and Yahoo Inc.are expected to announce Wednesday that...