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Visually Impaired People

  1. Accessibility Can Be Profitable

    Search engines such as Google employ engineers who are visually impaired. These engineers provide an incredible level of detail to a very valuable engine, while also providing a unique perspective for visually impaired users.

  2. Taking a Small Business to the Big Time Through Search

    Web sites that are well developed toward all markets, including users who may be disabled or visually impaired, will substantially increase your overall chances of domination within search engines. Search engines insist that web sites be accessible...

  3. Visually Impaired Search

    Generically speaking, people are either too stupid or lazy to label images appropriately, so a better mousetrap was in order. The divide between people who build Web sites and those who seek to optimize content has always baffled me.

  4. It Pays to Play by the Rules - Compliance, Accessibility and SEO

    Visually impaired people use screen readers to access the content of Web sites. According to the census bureau, there are 1.5 million visually impaired people using the Internet. First and foremost, this includes the visually impaired, and also...

  5. Search Engine Forums Spotlight

    Please keep in mind that visually impaired persons who use text readers count on Alt Tags to browse websites. They are not just an SEO [search engine optimization” tool and have considerable meaning to many people.

  6. The Search Engine Update, August 2, 1999, Number 58

    Search Engine Briefs + Paid Links Dropped At AltaVista + Direct Hit Gets Funding + Northern Light Changes Number Of Results + Snap Gains Image Search + Metasearch Service Caters To Visually Impaired Metasearch Service Caters To Visually Impaired