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Vish Makhijani

  1. Former Yahoo, Tacoda Exec Heads to interCLICK

    Vish Makhijani, Senior Vice President of Search, is now heading up the Bay Area operations of Yandex, a Russian language search engine. Jason Lynn, Director of Solutions Engineering for Yahoo/Right Media is exiting the Sunnyvale search engine to...

  2. Yandex to Open Labs Office in Bay Area

    This news began to leak last week with the departure of Yahoo SVP and General Manager of Search, Vishal Makhijani. Makhijani will be President of Yandex Labs in the Bay Area, and will report directly to the CEO of Yandex.

  3. Yahoo Re-Organizes, Execs Drop Like Flies

    So is Vish Makhijani, Senior Vice President of Search, is also exiting. Lu, Makhijani, and Garlinghouse were all moved to the newly created Global Products group, to be headed by Ash Patel, the current Exec.

  4. Yahoo Exec Set to Bail?

    Yahoo Search's Vish Makhijani Yahoo's Jeff Weiner, Network Division Executive Vice President, is rumored to be leaving the company after a month's long paternity leave, according to Kara Swisher. Weiner is reportedly tired of all the drama caused...

  5. Yahoo Search Toolbar to be Bundled with InstallShield

    Toolbar and become the starting point for InstallShield's global community," said Vish Makhijani, General Manager and Senior Vice President, Yahoo! Just days after Microsoft announced a Live Search toolbar distribution deal with HP, Yahoo has...

  6. Yahoo Releases Safe Search Product into Beta

    No other search engine today offers this level of warning before visiting sites that can damage or infect a user's PC and cost them valuable time and money," said Vish Makhijani, senior vice president and general manager of Yahoo!