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Virtual Pets

  1. Exploiting Tomorrow: As New Virtual World Features Develop, Security Struggles To Catch Up

    While the virtual horse and bunny people continue their legal battle (yes, still), the market for breedable pets was just waiting for someone to kick the entire affair up a notch, by developing a completely different product for people to focus on.

  2. Beast Wars: The Bunny People vs. The Horse People

    For the people who create these little virtual pets in the first place, the stakes are even higher. But like any other collectable item (virtual and physical), it's the secondary market where people trade, sell, and auction these virtual pets that...

  3. Tis the Season to be Shopping: How Virtual Goods Are Impacting Holiday Shopping Culture

    Virtual pets succeeded, not because they were visually advanced, but because they were interactive. It's just like with the pets (though you can certainly get plenty of those in a virtual world also. Technology marches on, though, and eventually we...