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Virtual Network Computing

  1. 9 Reasons Why it Might Be Time For Marketers to Value Virtual Goods

    In this article on VentureBeat, Justin Smith, head of Inside Network and creator of the Inside Virtual Goods report is quoted as saying: Furthermore, cash-rich creators of the virtual world, Linden Lab have been on an acquisition streak earlier...

  2. Highlights from the SEW Blog: March 17-21, 2008

    Online Marketers: Stop Funding Virtual Blight, Search Engine Land FriendFeed: The Search Engine for ConversationsFriendFeed may be billing itself as an aggregator of social network sites, but its real power is in the newly introduced search feature.

  3. Happy Birthday, Inktomi!

    Inktomi, the biggest search engine you may never have heard of, opened its virtual doors to the public seven years ago today. OReilly Network Sep 25 2002 12:21PM GMT Parallel Computing Brings A Faster And Bigger Search Engine To The Internet:UC...

  4. RealNames Slipping Generics Into Specifics

    RealNames Namespace Policy Policy Advisory Board Area Online recruitment company obtains exclusive use of Internet keyword 'jobs'," the subhead says, followed by this key...