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Virtual Good Buildings

  1. Google Earth Maps Walt Disney World Resort in 3D

    Google Earth 4.3 users can see Walt Disney World Resort in 3D by enabling the “Gallery” folder within Google Earth, or by selecting any of the 3D buildings within the resort. Visitors begin their virtual tour of Disney World with a stratospheric...

  2. Governments Ask Google to Turn a Blind Eye

    Thai security officials said they intended to ask Google to block images of vulnerable government buildings. Providers of "bird's eye" view imagery to MSN Virtual Earth/Windows Live Local. Postscript from Gary: Several people have asked where does...

  3. MSN Releases Beta Version of Virtual Earth

    Gates demonstrated striking 45-degree oblique views of Manhattan with beautiful 3-D images of buildings—something Google Earth could only provide using boxlike geometric shapes. Last May, Microsoft chairman Bill Gates began touting MSN Virtual...

  4. The Search Engine Report - Number 103

    The service is promised to provide satellite images with 45-degree-angle views of buildings and neighborhoods, images with street map overlays and the ability to add local data layers, such as showing local businesses or restaurants.