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Virtual Currency

  1. Security and Responsibility on the Virtual Frontier

    How do international users buy Lindens (the currency within Second Life) and cash them back out again? However, it's important to remember that even though Second Life is nearly 8 years old, in many ways it's still on the frontier of virtual commerce.

  2. Facebook Adds 20 New Payment Options for Buying Credits

    In effect, the partnership with PlaySpan expands the virtual currency service by 20 new payment options in over 15 different currencies. Users can now buy premium items and virtual goods in within apps and games via Facebook credits paid for with...

  3. Sysomos Uses Virtual Dollar Values to Calculate Social Media ROI

    Sysomos, the business intelligence platform for social media, launched the beta version of its Audience service with the double ROI promise of both identifying the best prospects by prioritizing leads with a "virtual currency figure or dollar...

  4. The Search Engine Report - March 4, 2003 Number 76

    The toolbar also has a built-in calculator, currency converter, translation tool and other features. is an information and community portal dedicated to the next generation web -- a virtual wonderland where we'll be able to do all...