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  1. A Revealing Look at Top Valentine’s Day Searches – From Gifts to ‘Die Hard’

    One year later, yet another popular romantic movie based on a Nicholas Sparks novel called “Safe Haven” is being released along with “A Good Day to Die Hard” (certainly violence, explosions, and Bruce Willis’ witty humor are what I think of on...

  2. How the Gun Control Debate is Impacting Search Results

    Evaluating exactly how the public reacts, and what they search for, dependent upon whether the anti-gun violence package proposed by Obama passes will also develop some interesting results. With the December massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary in...

  3. Indian Government Pressure Facebook, Google, Twitter to Censor Content

    We will remove any content that violates our terms, which are designed to keep material that is hateful, threatening, incites violence or contains nudity off the service," noted a Facebook statement. Facebook, Google, Twitter and other web firms...

  4. Paid Links: A Black Hat/White Hat Discussion

    So despite the lack of violence, the session turned out to be an hour-long discussion of techniques that will or will not get you banned by Google, the ethical considerations of search marketing, and a few black-hat tips thrown in for good measure.

  5. Google Maps Mashup

    Assault - A physical attempt or threat to use violence with the intent to do harm to another. No, this isn't the latest update of Google Maps Guide to Grand Theft Auto IV. This is the real deal: Manhattan crime committed in New York, NY and...

  6. Google Road Kill: Will the Pulitzer Prize Live to Be 100?

    Some – not Carr or Shirky – feel the newspaper industry has long been like the characters in the movie Deliverance: somewhat incestuous, hopelessly inbred, and prone to violence. The Pulitzer Prize for Journalism won't live to be 100 years old.