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  1. Combining Professional & User-Generated Videos Drives More Sales [Study]

    Viewers are watching “popular” and “relevant” video content. Whether it's produced by amateurs or professionals, it's all just video content to viewers. It’s worth noting that comScore’s Share of Choice metric is well-documented and an...

  2. Second Life Tinfoil Hat Theory, Part 6: The Search For A Better Search Engine

    Different viewers handle search differently, and some viewers seem to have more problems than others when it comes to the process. However, because it still counted as an avatar for the purpose of generating traffic numbers (and didn't need to be...

  3. YouTube Annotations: 32 Ways to Bait a Bear (& Spark One Amazing Idea For Yourself)

    Whilst most users deploy annotations simply for irritating 'subscribe to my channel' messages or point viewers in the direction of a website, the real power of annotations is in their ability to link all the videos on your channel in innovative ways.