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  1. CIVETS: New Global Marketing Opportunities in Emerging Economies

    As the Colombian, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Egyptian, Turkish and South African nations reinvent their nations into attractive hubs for global trade, you should be ready to meet their needs and capitalize on their growth before the competition does.

  2. What Goodies Does Google+ Hold for International Search Marketers?

    For international search engine marketers, one key benefit to Google+ is the fact that it supports 42 different languages, from Arabic to Vietnamese. If you’ve been active on social media in the past few weeks – or have been reading Search Engine...

  3. Axis of AML

    In August, Chinese police arrested 11 men, including eight Vietnamese, busting a money laundering ring alleged to have acted as an underground bank, smuggling around $1.5 billion of criminal cash abroad, mostly to Vietnam.

  4. North Korea Using Cyberattacks Against US, South Korea

    Running these attacks during the 4th of July weekend and the Michael Jackson memorial is almost like the Vietnamese Tet offensive - a push during New Year;s celebrations. Since last weekend some government websites in the US and South Korea have...

  5. Google Translate Adds Widget, Notranslate Code Snippets

    Vietnamese First up is a widget that you can place on your site to offer visitors translation via Google Translate. It's very Google branded, so that may deter some, but here's what it looks like: Secondly, there are code snippets available if you...

  6. Google Translate Adds 11 Languages

    Vietnamese Google has added 11 languages to its Translate product. They are: Catalan Filipino Hebrew Indonesian Latvian Lithuanian Serbian Slovak Slovenian Ukrainian The total number of languages is now 34 and the total number of language pair...

  7. Change How You Think About Your Life and Company

    He said that he learned his greater-than-self belief from the years of torture and confinement in that North Vietnamese prison camp. So many of you wrote to tell me how that article helped you better understand the "secret" of getting links.