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  1. Clara Schumann Google Doodle Celebrates German Pianist & Composer

    By 18, Clara was performing a series of recitals in Vienna. Influential German pianist and mother of a brood of eight children Clara Schumann is celebrated in today’s Google Doodle, on what would have been her 193rd birthday.

  2. Gustav Klimt Google Logo Celebrates 150th Birthday of Austrian Erotica Artist

    Born the son of an immigrant goldsmith, Klimt was skilled in engraving and also graced with coming of age in the cultural flowering of Vienna, then the fourth-largest city in all of Europe. Born in 1862 near Vienna, in Baumgarten, Klimt reveled in...

  3. Searching for Gotti in the Brave New JackassWorld

    The pix were from a Hungarian Website showing musclehead, spray-tanned club kids in Vienna, home of Sigmund Freud and more tellingly, erstwhile home of Governor Schwarzenegger. So I was reading Techmeme, clicked thru to the Times of...