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  1. Search Engine Optimization for Podcasts

    Podscope is the first podcast search engine that actually looks for and listens to every spoken word in a podcast," said David Ives, President and CEO of TVEyes. Podcasting is an interesting challenge from a search standpoint," said Joe Hayashi...

  2. New Search Service from TVEyes Offers Free Keyword Search Of Some Web-Based TV News Content & Lots More Video Search

    In this post, we'll take a look at what's new from TVEyes, discuss their fee-based service, look at Podscope (also from TVEyes), and look at some of the many services and companies that offer various forms of audio and video search services and...

  3. Video Search Grows in Attention and Usefulness

    The future is bright IMHO not only on the consumer level but also on the enterprise/business level with services like TVEyes and Critical Mention. Speechbot from HP has been demonstrating keyword audio searching for years.

  4. Murdoch Wants Blinkx

    Podscope from TVEyes also offers this service. According to a story in the LA Times, News Corp is in talks to acquire multimedia (video and audio) search engine Blinkx. Blinkx celebrated its first anniversary last week and while it's best kn own as...