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  1. 13 Twitter PR Secrets to Report News, Gain Publicity, & Build Relationships

    Keep your company's online newsroom Twitter-friendly and up to date with fresh content. A 2013 TekGroup online newsroom survey reports a 45 percent increase of journalists flocking to Twitter with the intentions to follow company news announcements...

  2. AdWords for Video Makes Reporting More Consistent, Goal-Oriented & Prettier

    For example, to encourage enrollment for online courses, Berkleemusic posts video music lessons and in-depth clinics with professors to give prospective students a true-to-life preview of online study with this renowned school.

  3. Going Global: Localize Your Message for Holiday Retail Traffic

    Debenhams chose the German market because it has been consistently one of the company’s top performing countries online – and because Germany is the second largest e-commerce market in Europe. The German version of the online retail store launch is...