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  1. Seeing the Colossal Increase at Yahoo Sites in comScore’s U.S. Online Video Rankings

    If you compare the latest data from comScore Video Metrix with the data from a year ago, then you’ll see there’s been a colossal increase in video viewing at Yahoo sites. In other news, the February 2012 YouTube partner data from comScore Video...

  2. 125.5 Million Americans Watched 10.3 Billion YouTube Videos in September

    But yesterday at 4:21 p.m.comScore Video Metrix announced that more than 168 million U.S. According to comScore qSearch, Americans conducted 13.8 billion core searches in September 2009. According to comScore qSearch, there were 21.3 billion...

  3. YouTube Dominates Online Video Market on Both Sides of Pond

    According to comScore Video Metrix, 100.9 million viewers watched 6.3 billion videos on in January 2009 -- an average of 62.6 videos per viewer. Today, comScore reported that 23.5 million U.K.viewers watched over 2 billion videos on...

  4. Daily SearchCast, August 16, 2006: Cut Coupons Via Google Maps; Google Trademark Usage Letters Show Old News Is New News; MattGuy Is GoogleCutts; Why's A Farmer Dating Site Mad At Google & More!

    ClickZ reports that Yahoo has hired Peter Daboll, the president and CEO of comScore Media Metrix, to be the chief of insights and head of global market research at Yahoo. Hires Away comScore Executive