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  1. YouTube Investment in VEVO Would Strengthen its Top Position in Online Video Rankings

    Internet users watched 38.7 billion online content videos in December 2012, while video ad views totaled 11.3 billion. Americans viewed 11.3 billion video ads in December 2012, with Google sites ranking first with nearly 2 billion ads.

  2. Top 10 Most Significant Search & Social Marketing Stories of 2011

    Facebook suspects that people will be more inclined to click a button that says they’ve “Read” an article, “Listened” to a song or “Watched” a video, rather than “Liked” it. Forty million+ users later, the launch of Google+ has probably been the...

  3. Hulu Buries YouTube With 4x More Ad Views – Are Advertisers Afraid of YouTube?

    Internet users watched online video content in August 2011 for an average of 18 hours per viewer. Why do you think YouTube has more than 6 times more unique viewers than Hulu, but Hulu has more than 4 times more video ads than YouTube?

  4. AOL Video Ranked #2 Most-Trafficked Online Video Platform by comScore Video Metrix

    Internet users watched online video content in March for an average of 14.8 hours per viewer. Internet users who watched an average of 13.6 hours per viewer in February. In other news, comScore Video Metrix also reported that Americans viewed 4.3...