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  2. The 10 Best Shopping Engines

    Shopzilla also supports bulk product feed uploads via an FTP. This CSE allows for whole feed processing via an FTP. The report ranks the industry's top shopping engines for online merchants based on significant metrics like overall traffic, revenue...

  3. Mobile Advertising Measurement: Winning the Long Game

    Share: The user has shared something within your app via a social network. Invite: The user has invited others to your app via a social network. Long-term campaigns are designed to acquire quality, long-term users that remain engaged and contribute...

  4. Black Box Paid Search Ads Showing on Right Rail

    While ads still have a significant amount of red tape to navigate to before being approved by internal regulatory and legal teams, most brands are able to target and drive high-quality traffic via paid search on Google and Bing.

  5. BuzzSumo: The Heavyweight of Content Discovery?

    This tells me, at a glance, which stories are circulating the Web via social – an often reliable indication of whether something is worth reading. Before we get started, I have a confession – I was initially a little reluctant to write this review...

  6. Addressing Thin Content

    Google helps us to understand how our sites should behave via their Webmaster Guidelines. Take your analytical analysis a step further and just as we did with the URL scrape review site pages by folder via filtering pages by folder, Content...

  7. How to Do Awesome SEO Annotations

    Calling this out early on via annotations catches the "lack of a URL" problem early and allows for a discussion of options with the designer and the developer. Often UX need not be compromised via smart technical SEO tactics, such the use of Push...

  8. Ten Timely Tips for Terrific Title Tags

    When you searched for "homes for sale", did you get "houses for sale" and "real estate" match via bold in the SERP? In a naturally, user-centric built website (one that offers the best experience for users), links between topically relevant pages...

  9. New Wordstream Tool Lets You Audit PPC Landing Page for Free

    WordStream said the data submitted is "completely secure, and users can log in quickly and easily via a secure one-time OAuth connection. Consider this: More than 25 percent of accounts send all of their PPC traffic to just one landing page.percent...

  10. 5 Ways Social Data Can Enhance Marketing Data

    Running simple A/B tests, poll questions, or even just asking your audience via tweets, LinkedIn messages, or Facebook posts, you can garner insight on the resonance of messages before you invest heavily in one message or another.