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  1. Last-Minute SEO - Here Come the Holidays!

    Not that many years ago we had quite a few of these things called search engines, but today we are primarily referring to the "Big 3": Google, Bing, and Yahoo in that order, with a small, but growing percentage beginning to use Duck, Duck, Go.

  2. After Being Crushed By Google Panda, Voucher and Car Classified Sites Recover

    But showing content to users that search engines can't see is sometimes necessary to escape Panda's clutches. The same tactic could be employed across voucher and car classifieds sites, and in a recent Webmaster video Matt Cutts said that content...

  3. New Data Mining Tool Will Let You Make Your Own Private Search Engine

    The Minnerazzi project is a platform that allows you to build topic-specific search engines without programming knowledge. For business, Minerazzi allows an organization to build a small, searchable index relevant to any specific set of data.

  4. Facebook’s Graph Search: the Ultimate Personalized Discovery Engine?

    Local (and Vertical) Search – Finding a business and/or events that friends have visited and/or liked Consumers have been trained to turn to the search engines for this historically. The potential for Facebook’s new Graph Search feature is huge.

  5. Is Google Trust Being Scroogled?

    The group put out its remedies "to resolve the harms that result from Google’s anti-competitive search and business practices" just a week before the Scroogled campaign. In my view, this a better approach to helping the search engines improve...

  6. SEMPO Appeals to FTC for Updated Search Engine Disclosure Guidelines

    If the present FTC guidelines on paid placements are being widely flouted, or if certain industry segments – such as vertical search sites – harbor particular practices that mislead consumers, result in fraud, or offer unfair competitive advantage...

  7. Making Big Data Smart: A 360-Degree Online View of a Business

    When search engines crawl the search landscape about a particular topic, or in this case a business, the content aggregated would present a holistic, 360-degree view of a business and data would be effectively shared from one search platform to...