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Vertical Integration

  1. PPC and SEO: Higher Conversion Rates Fuel the Need for Better Integration

    The power of integration from other channels is more easily measured and shown via attribution or other data points. The most obvious of these integration points is between paid and organic search. I’ve been monitoring the same keyword set for 4...

  2. Marketing Automation & Search – 3 Strategies for Mutual Success

    Another search for "software solution integration timeline" would typically close within 60 days of that search at 50 percent. Our marketing automation platform showed us that "software solution integration timeline" was a phrase that should...

  3. Search News & Headlines Around the Web - May 13, 2011

    Tips for Successful Integration of Search and Social Media Campaigns - Your Brand's Facebook To-Do List - Vertical Measures Facebook Busted in Clumsy Smear on Google - The Daily Beast Online Seller Who Bullied Customers Pleads Guilty...

  4. 10 Reasons Why You Can't Miss #SESNY

    Another big industry happening last year was the Bing/Yahoo integration. If you're not B2C but more B2B, the B2B Lead Generation Management & CRM Integration session is bound to be of interest. Conquer Vertical Search Marketing