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  1. How Will Voice Search Change SEO for Local Stores & Global Enterprises?

    Quick answers to personal questions can be answered on the fly via Google Now technology. If an action-based term is searched such as [call them], Google will get the phone number from their local places profile if available and immediately make a...

  2. Google’s Rating Guidelines Adds Page Quality to Human Reviews

    A new version of Google’s human rater handbook has hit the web. Do a Google search for “General Guidelines version 3.27”. As a reminder, Google’s Distinguished Engineer Matt Cutts insists that these ratings don’t “directly” affect the search engine...

  3. Mobile Search iPhone Dance-Off: Google vs. Bing vs. Yahoo vs. Wolfram|Alpha

    Also, just like the web version, you can tap the Google icon to the left of the search bar and see the dropdown for further search filtering. Google We’ve gathered these four search engines in order to test the top four searches pulled from Google...

  4. SearchDay | The Decision-Making Funnel, Stage 4: Action

    Google Adds Display Ads to AdSense Link Unit Pages Posted by Nathania Johnson May 28, 2009 When online publishers use AdSense, they have an option to utilize link units. Lebron James' Shot & Google's Time sensitivity May 25, 2009 Anyone seen that...

  5. SearchDay | Choose the Right SEO Project Goals

    Google Launches Two Updates to Results Pages Posted by Nathania Johnson Mar 25, 2009 Google has announced two updates to results pages which they hope will enhance the users experience by better understanding user intent.

  6. SearchDay | Setting up PPC Campaigns 101

    I've raised the number of business-critical keywords in the top 30 SERP positions by 25% or so and gotten all their pages in the Google index, a 46% increase. Interestingly enough, people go to Google and Facebook from Twitter.

  7. 50 Most Memorable Moments in Search for 2008

    Google, Yahoo Hearst acquires Answerology, integrates with Google launches Knol, its own version of Wikipedia. Once it was, Google began the great integration. Google also sold the search marketing arm, Performics, to...