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  1. Mark Zuckerberg Now Richer Than Larry Page & Sergey Brin on Forbes 400

    Kavitark Ram Shriram, Google shareholder, board member, venture capitalist, $1.6 billion.tie) David Filo, Yahoo co-founder, $1.1 billion. Zuckerberg also beat out Brin and Page on another list of tech power players, Vanity Fair’s New Establishment...

  2. Skype Moves Near Facebook HQ To Consolidate Mobile, Consumer Electronics Segments

    According to Venture Beat, the company's new ownership "likely played a role in the new direction and location too. Skype was purchased from eBay last year by a group of investors: private equity firm Silver Lake Partners, venture capital firm...

  3. People Search Engine Spock Acquired by Intelius

    Intelius has acquired Spock, according to Venture Beat. Intelius is a company that performs background checks. Spock is a people search engine. Spock launched in the summer of 2007. At first, Spock was open as an invitation-only beta.

  4. SearchDay: Creative Messaging in a Direct Response World

    Venture Beat is now reporting that Microsoft is poised to acquire semantic search company Powerset in the neighborhood of . Today's Top Story GreggStewart Creative Messaging in a Direct Response World VERTICAL SEARCH Should a company focus on...

  5. Beats Google in News Video Search

    A year after launching a comprehensive search offering, beat out Google when it comes to searching for news, according to a survey conducted by ROI Research for DoubleClick.of the 500 participants surveyed said they search for news...

  6. New Updates and Publishers for Yahoo! Buzz

    Venture Beat Yahoo! Buzz updated with new features last night. Among them are: Top Buzz” widget for any publishers interested in expanding their content offerings by displaying the top articles across Yahoo!