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  1. Mobile & Tablet Click Curves Confirm: Your Site is Either Page 1 or Nowhere

    While mobile search and device fragmentation adds an extra layer of complexity to the forecasting and reporting process, it's great to be able to understand the variance in CTR that occurs between the major devices on the market today, and that...

  2. 5 Ways to Make Web Analytics Data More Insightful

    You can then add layers of additional analysis such as calculating the long term mean, variance, and standard deviation. Fortune 500 companies can expect to push more than a gigabyte a day in raw web analytics data, which can be easily tripled for...

  3. Geolocation Changes Google Keyword Rankings 69% of Time [Report]

    Geo-Variance Research Explores Search Results Across 10 U.S. Linkdex notes, “When we began our research, and when we selected the verticals to look at in greater detail, we expected to find a different level of variance across different verticals.