SEO News


  1. The Rise of the User Experience Marketer

    One user provides value, and five users can get you 80 percent of the way – but hard data fills the gaps. But this crossover goes beyond mobile search. It’s happening everywhere. Agencies and in-house teams are beginning to realize that the overlap...

  2. Learning to Carry Your SEO Baggage

    That means the baggage from old domain needs to be cleaned up in order for it to offer its full value to the new one. Everyone has things they carry with them from their past. The things we’ve done, for better or worse are what make us who we are now.

  3. Bloomberg and UBS clash over Sef aggregation

    Bloomberg has built its Sef as a way of adding value to buy-side users of its terminal - it charges subscribers just $10 per trade to execute an interest rate swap on the platform. UBS claims terminal giant's Sef has "impartial access issues"

  4. SEC gives green light to Eaton Vance’s active ETMFs

    An indicative value will be published every 15 minutes intraday to ensure investors have a rough understanding of how much the final NAV will be. Investors will buy and sell stock around the next-determined daily net asset value (NAV).

  5. Smart beta indexes gain currency with Asian investors

    The rules-based fund tracked 19 commodities yet it flopped six months after launch on December 22, 2010 after accumulating investor assets of $7 million, losing 15.99% of its value. Despite some high-profile failures banks and index providers are...

  6. Thanksgiving 2014 - What I’m Grateful for in SEO

    I know I do what I can as a white-hat link builder to better the value of the SERPs, but I don’t have nearly the power that Google does. If Cutts’ confirmation wasn’t enough, Google’s head of search Amit Singhal also highlighted the value of links...

  7. 3 Lessons Social Advertisers Can Learn From Search Marketing

    Many search marketers have learned the value of reporting on KPIs such as return on investment (ROI) or return on advertising spend (ROAS) to understand the profitability of their campaigns. It’s time to move beyond these surface-level signals and...

  8. How Can SEOs Sell "Shiny, Sexy" Search?

    Often, getting clients to recognize the value of SEO is about "humanizing data" or explaining how search can "make [clients’] lives better. However, stressing the value of search for product testing and development isn’t always enough, Saify said...

  9. Evolution in Digital Marketing Skill Sets

    They bring value to the table by creating efficiencies in management and with their ability to connect the dots of information that allows marketers to make better decisions. But their value cannot be overshadowed by their complexity.