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  1. The Buzz on Search and Social Signals: Building Informed Cross-Channel Strategies

    For a marketer, understanding that I searched for Black Rain Boots, clicked on a Product Listing Ad (PLA) for a particular brand, then two days later searched on that same brand name, is vital to optimization and valuation of actions.

  2. Is rel=author Really a Good Way to Judge Sources of Good Content?

    Google has obviously clearly expressed this will be an important tag now and in the future for valuation of content. More to the point, the key consideration is who is doing it (author authority) rather than from where are they doing it (site...

  3. Google Passes Microsoft to Become 2nd Largest Tech Company

    Google's market valuation rose 1 percent to $761.78 at the close of the stock market in New York on Monday, showing a market capitalization of approximately $249.9 billion, according to Bloomberg. Microsoft, however, fell less than 1 percent to...

  4. Facebook Offers Rolls Out to Local U.S. Businesses

    According to a regulatory filing, Facebook's IPO would value the company at up to $95 billion (which would be the highest valuation ever for a technology firm) and could raise as much as $13.6 billion, half of which would go to existing shareholders.