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Valentines Day

  1. A Revealing Look at Top Valentine’s Day Searches – From Gifts to ‘Die Hard’

    In the Google database, the term “valentines day” has been searched for approximately 200,000 times and produces 303 million results. Of all of these, is a seemingly popular retailer who is taking a different approach and utilizing both...

  2. Visual Storytelling: The Key Weapon to Content Marketing

    Some good examples of boards used to tell a story with content can be seen at:

  3. Valentine’s Day 2012 Ideas for Marketers

    Among the top searches people are conducting on Google: valentines day meals  diy valentines gifts  valentines day border  valentines day drinks  valentines day baskets Daily "valentines day" related searches have increased 35 percent over last...

  4. Does Everyone Search Valentine Info On Day? Or Do They Use Other Terms?

    Searches for 'unique valentines day' are up about 20% year over year Searches for 'free valentines day' are down 5% year over year Searches for 'valentines day dessert' are up by 35% Searches for 'valentines day chocolate' are up by 1,400%

  5. SearchDay | Social Media Madness -- The Sweet 16

    But if you act strange, or go somewhere that you don't really belong and start asking for Valentines, all you'll get are weird looks. Posted by » Continue reading of Reluctant Consumers Can Be Positively Swayed Online Posted by Feb 23, 2009 It...