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Valentines Day

  1. A Revealing Look at Top Valentine’s Day Searches – From Gifts to ‘Die Hard’

    In the Google database, the term “valentines day” has been searched for approximately 200,000 times and produces 303 million results. Of all of these, is a seemingly popular retailer who is taking a different approach and utilizing both...

  2. Visual Storytelling: The Key Weapon to Content Marketing

    Some good examples of boards used to tell a story with content can be seen at:

  3. Valentine’s Day 2012 Ideas for Marketers

    Among the top searches people are conducting on Google: valentines day meals  diy valentines gifts  valentines day border  valentines day drinks  valentines day baskets Daily "valentines day" related searches have increased 35 percent over last...

  4. SearchDay | Social Media Madness -- The Sweet 16

    But if you act strange, or go somewhere that you don't really belong and start asking for Valentines, all you'll get are weird looks. Posted by » Continue reading of Reluctant Consumers Can Be Positively Swayed Online Posted by Feb 23, 2009 It...