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  1. How to Avoid Mobile Ranking Pitfalls by Assessing Mobile Engagement

    For example, the Chrome browser has a very comprehensive set of device emulators (Google search chrome device emulator) and has some great mobile emulator options. For example, one common fix is as easy as adding a line to your HTTP...

  2. How Personalizing Websites With Dynamic Content Increases Engagement

    Browser Mobile Device Here's how you would target site content to mobile phone visitors: As users increase engagement, the website content delivered is enhanced correspondingly. A perfect use case would be if you sell cell phone accessories and use...

  3. Google 'Let’s Go Caroling' Easter Egg Turns Your Smartphone Into a Holiday Karaoke Machine

    On your mobile browser, simply do a Google search for [let’s go caroling] and a menu will pop up allowing you to select from five different carols and turn your smartphone into an instant karaoke machine.

  4. Organic Search Noticeably Absent From Google Analytics 2013 Summit

    Tracking has evolved from dropping cookies for browser-side session tracking, Google is moving to server-side. Google Tag Manager (GTM) is designed to enable deployment of tags across all properties, takes care of tagging without editing HTML and...