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  1. Google Pays $17 Million to Settle Apple Safari User Tracking Case

    Google has agreed to pay a settlement of $17 million to 38 U.S.states in order to end a probe into claims that it deliberately bypassed user privacy settings in Apple’s Safari browser. The issue came to light in February 2012 after it was revealed...

  2. Google Boldly Rejects UK Privacy Laws in Safari Snooping Case

    Google is in court because it danced around security settings on the Apple iPhone and collected some users' personal information through Safari. We hope that they will take this opportunity to give Safari users a proper explanation about what...

  3. Google Privacy Director Alma Whitten Resigns

    Also, Google was fined $22.5 million last year by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for tracking Safari browser users. During her 10 years at Google, Alma has done so much to improve our products and protect our users," a Google spokesperson said.

  4. Do, Know, Go: How to Create Content at Each Stage of the Buying Cycle

    For example, “buy Cinema tickets in Leicester Square” or “book South Africa safari holiday”. It’s important to capture traffic at each of these stages and to do this you need to have content which can cater to each of your users search requirements...