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  1. SEO in the Age of Apps: Diversifying Your Mobile SEO Strategy

    Google's hegemony in the browser extends here as well – in addition to the main search app, Google owns an additional four out of the top 10 mobile apps on the market (Maps, Play, Gmail, and YouTube) and is taking the lead in moving away from a...

  2. 6 Reasons the Website (vs. Social Media) Should Be the Ultimate Destination for the Brand

    Google automatically Gmail with contacts on Google+, and limits circles to 5,000. Google+ brand pages allow less features than individual accounts. Activity varies, according to the primary objective of the user according to findings shared by NM...

  3. Scroogled Rises: Microsoft Back on Attack as Google Faces New Antitrust Complaint

    Microsoft has previously spent millions of dollars attacking Google in print and TV ads over its paid Google Shopping results and because Gmail "goes through every" email to sell ads. Commenting on Microsoft's latest ad campaign, a Google...

  4. Google NSA Relationship Secrecy Continues Despite Courts Efforts

    This attack was focused on Gmail accounts. Specifically Gmail accounts of human rights activists. This particular ruling has to deal with encryption and cybersecurity in a 2010 cyberattack on Google users in China.