SEO News


  1. The Rise of the User Experience Marketer

    The strongest marketers will be those who are comfortable analyzing behavior data, while also conducting and incorporating qualitative research about users. UserTesting allows you ask real users questions while they use your site or application.

  2. Yahoo Beats Out Google to Become Mozilla’s Default U.S. Search Engine

    But given that Firefox users alone search the Web more than 100 billion times per year, the partnership is sure to help Yahoo win more search market share in the future. Big changes are coming to Mozilla, as Google will no longer be the global...

  3. Bloomberg and UBS clash over Sef aggregation

    Bloomberg has built its Sef as a way of adding value to buy-side users of its terminal - it charges subscribers just $10 per trade to execute an interest rate swap on the platform. UBS claims terminal giant's Sef has "impartial access issues"

  4. US airline wins Dodd-Frank real-time reporting delay

    A no-action letter issued by the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) to Texas-based Southwest Airlines on November 6 may herald a broader shift in the CFTC's policy of requiring commodity derivatives end-users to report their swap...

  5. Softer NSFR may not save repo, banks warn

    The problem for repos was that a draft version of the NSFR, published in January, applied an asymmetrical treatment to "non-bank financial institutions" such as money market funds, hedge funds and asset managers, which are big users of the market.

  6. Buy side attacks Isda early termination protocol

    Both are talking about the newly minted Isda Resolution Stay Protocol, which restricts the rights of derivatives users to immediately close out contracts when a stricken dealer is taken into resolution proceedings or - under some circumstances...