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  1. Twitter Upgrades Search With Autocomplete, ‘People You Follow’ Results

    Real names and usernames in search results: For easier identification of accounts without clicking through. Twitter has introduced two new search functions that should help improve the user experience: AutoComplete and the ability to filter results...

  2. Congressman, EPIC Push for Larger Google Street View Investigation

    The investigation conducted was inadequate and did not address the applicability of federal wiretap law to Google's interception of emails, usernames, passwords, browsing histories, and other personal information," EPIC executive director Marc...

  3. Google+ vs. Facebook: More Passive Aggression & Creepiness in Tech Soap Opera

    They both want users on their service active engaging in ways we wouldn’t have dreamed possible a few years ago, leaving IP addresses, usernames, GPS coordinates, personal preferences, shopping habits, and more on the table.

  4. Google Prompts Iranian Users to Re-Secure Their Gmail Accounts

    This made users vulnerable to man-in-the-middle attacks that could intercept usernames, passwords, and other personal data. After a certificate verification authority in the Netherlands was compromised, Iranian Google users became vulnerable to...

  5. The Name Game: Display Names and the Law Of Unintended Consequences

    But some people have usernames turned off, under the operating theory of "The Display Name is the only thing that matters". One topic that almost certainly won't be discussed at SLCC (which began yesterday) is the result of all that messing about...

  6. Blog SMO Guide: How to Apply Social Media Optimization to Your Blog in 33 Steps

    Display the author's social media accounts and usernames to entice users to follow and mention the author in blog posts. Social media optimization (SMO) is the process of optimizing content for social interaction, discussion and sharing.