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Usain Bolt

  1. Twitter Year in Review: Top People, Trends & Events of 2012

    Usain Bolt’s 200m sprint win spurred the greatest volume of chatter on competitions, with 80,000 tweets per minute making him the most-discussed athlete of the year. Twitter has released their annual “Year on Twitter” collection of the hottest...

  2. Gangnam Style, Royal Wedding, Olympics Top Google UK 2012 Searches

    Usain Bolt was the most searched for Global Olympian. Google has released its overview of what people in the UK concerned themselves with during the past year, and naturally it is a mixed bag. The top searches of the year were for football...

  3. YouTube Reveals Hottest Search Terms and Most-Watched Videos for 2009

    August - usain bolt Fastest Rising YouTube search terms by month (Global): January - inauguration February - christian bale March - the climb April - susan boyle May - pacquiao vs hatton June - michael jackson thriller

  4. NBC's Olympic Fool's Gold; Google Comes Home Empty-Handed

    More and more people may start going straight to Wikipedia; Jamaican speedster Usain Bolt's page was updated within seconds of him breaking the record in the 200m. The opening ceremony was the biggest television event since the Super Bowl reaching...