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  1. Writing Sales Copy for Conversions

    Web usability expert Jakob Nielsen in 1997 wrote, "How users read on the Web: they don't. Nielsen's pioneering work in this area has been confirmed by a lot of subsequent research. Our company routinely runs large-scale landing page optimization...

  2. Top 5 Non-SEO Ways to Increase Your Search Rankings

    Jakob Nielsen is considered to be a foremost authority of Web site usability factors, and he also has a knack for SEO. In his book "Designing Web Usability" (which many consider to be the "Bible" of usability), he writes that "site design must be...

  3. The Search Engine Update, Nov. 18, 2002, Number 137

    Poor intranet and corporate search tools could be costing companies up to $15 million per year, according to usability expert Jakob Nielsen's Nielsen Norman Group. About The Update The Search Engine Update is a twice-monthly update of search engine...

  4. The Search Engine Report, September 4, 2001, Number 58

    Usability expert Jakob Nielsen experiments with ways to increase clickthroughs on paid listings at Google. Designing Web Ads Using Click-Through Data Jakob Nielsen's Alertbox, Sept.

  5. Impulse Buyers Are Browsers, Not Searchers

    I haven't reviewed this report, just out from Jakob Nielsen, but it's said to cover the usability of search at 20 ecommerce sites in the US. Search: Visible and Simple Jakob Nielsen's Alertbox, May 13, 2001