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Usa Ad Blitz

  1. Pot (Microsoft) Calls Kettle (Google) Black on Privacy

    That’s the gist of a new Microsoft ad blitz (and also a blog post) from one of Google’s biggest rivals, Microsoft (image below). The ads are appearing in newspapers such as The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and USA Today.

  2. Online Reputation Management Case Studies: BP Oil Spill, Toyota Recall, and Goldman Sachs Fraud Charges

    As Chris Woodyard of USA TODAY wrote in "Toyota PR blitz plays catch-up after storm of problems," apologizing to customers "may be whistling in the wind as more reports of problem vehicles surface. As Dana Bash of CNN has reported, "For new ad...

  3. AOL's Platform-A Collaborates with T-mobile for 2 Day, Billion Impression Ad Blitz

    AOL's Platform-A has collaborated with T-mobile for a two day ad blitz. The T-Mobile G1 offers a rich, accessible mobile Web experience for the masses, so we want to drive that message to the broadest range of U.S.consumers possible,” said Brett...