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Us Soldiers

  1. Is Google Sucking the Life Out of Your Identity? Are They Alone?

    Soldiers and family members can video-chat, companies can collaborate and experts can render much needed assistance, all without geographic constraints. For the denizens of the ether jungle, however, most of us would find ourselves separated by...

  2. Authenticity in Social Media: Don’t Get Mad, Get YouTube

    Upon checking in with Delta Airlines last Tuesday, the soldiers were hit with over $2,800 in excess baggage fees. Here’s their report on the incident, “Delta Airlines Charges Soldiers for "Extra Baggage" Mirror.

  3. Universal Search: The (War) Elephant in the Room

    If each practice were a faction of Roman soldiers, think of the marketing playing out as mercenaries fighting only other mercenaries, legionnaires battling only other legionnaires, archers volleying against other archers.

  4. Search Marketing's About People and Principles, Not Just Algorithms, Part 2

    You heard right: Sullivan concluded his keynote by lightheartedly rallying the "troops" against the evil forces that would drag this successful industry down, indicating to any search engine reps listening that they should consider "us" as "foot...

  5. Looking Back, Looking Ahead: Developments With Consumer Search

    Search marketing firms have been the "foot soldiers" in selling search to advertisers. I explained how Eurekster got us going with personal search earlier this year, the idea that what we personally view might have an impact on reshaping our results.

  6. Memorial Day Search Sites

    In tribute to the historical antecedents of this holiday many of us take for granted today, here are some of the best sites on the web to search for information on soldiers who lost their lives while serving with the U.S.armed services.